Clients & Testimonials

We Love our Work with Small Businesses


Scott filled a knowledge – as well as an energy – gap by jumping in and solving problems and then helping to ensure the problems didn’t reoccur.
Clayton Garrett
President, Agmenity


Scott is strategic and reliable. He created financial projections for us, assisted with setting up proper accounting practices and can answer almost any financial related questions about our business.”
Jenna Henao
Operations Manager, The Think Mill

Retail Business Realizes Weekend Jackpot

A Connecticut retail store was disappointed that they were merely breaking even. The store was closed on Sundays, thinking this was probably only costing them maybe 10% of their sales. We showed them that in fact, 45% of their entire sales were coming from weekend business.

The owner had previously “guesstimated” that they only did about 20% of their sales on the weekend.

With the objective financial information we presented, the store owner realized that opening on Sundays would be a big financial advantage to their entire business.

Now the store hours have been changed to capitalize on their weekend sales opportunities and potential.

Marketing Agency Discovers Improved Profitability

A marketing and advertising firm in Fairfield County, CT had about 50 employees and 20 clients, some multinational firms.  While they understood their sales by client, they wanted to better understand how profitable each client was for the firm overall.

We prepared a detailed financial analysis of the profitability of their client base. Employees were required to enter  hours worked for each client into the firm’s proprietary software system.

Totaling all the hours, we determined the company profitability for each client.  We also uncovered how many employees were working on each client, and how much time each employee was allocating to each.  The results showed some employees weren’t charging nearly enough of their time and a few were charging over 100% of their time!

With these results – some surprising, both good and bad – the firm was able to reallocate resources in order to turn clients that were losing money into profit centers.  Additionally, they sat down with certain employees to ensure the hours were complete and accurate in the system which led to more precise results to analyze.

Financial Advice for the Newly Divorced

We have worked with several clients who are going through a divorce or are recently divorced. There are many instances where one spouse does not understand their tax returns and they are now looking for guidance and understanding of their tax situations.

So we have met with them, analyzed their tax returns, explained significant and various items to them, and answered any questions they have. They have gotten a great sense of comfort and powerful knowledge by having these meetings. And ultimately we have prepared their returns once their divorce is finalized.

Recently we met with an individual who was going through a divorce wanted to understand how much they could afford to buy a new house. We met, gained an understanding of their financial situation, and proposed various scenarios of different priced houses, interest rates, payment timelines, and how much money they would have once they owned the house. This gave them more confidence to make the right financial decision given the new economic realities they were facing.